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Do you have attorney questions about your buildings bi-laws or regulations? Are you concerned about the specifics of your situation? Turn no further than the expert advice from KCL's super lawyer.

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Start treating your home sharing property like a business. Protect yourself with Major Domo LLC3. Let KCL setup your account, advise you on your listing, and provide you with the legal barriers to protect your business and asset.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Things are changing in Chicago. Conducting business as usual will result in hefty fines and eventually get your listing removed. The war on home sharing is not over. While Keep Chicago Livable continues to fight the 58-page housing ordinance that infringes on basic homeowners and citizen rights, here is what you should expect from the new regulations.

What’s should you expect from the new housing ordinance?

The city is a mess. They don't understand home sharing or Airbnb. The new housing ordinance proves that. Things are changing so fast that we are still learning what hosts could expect.

How do I get a city license?

Getting a city license is not a simple process. Keep Chicago Livable can help ease that process. Contact us today and donate for assistance.

Should I register with Airbnb like platforms?

Well ... we think you should know what you are giving up by registering with Airbnb. Sure, it is free but that also means you opt in for the platform to give your data to the city. KCL is not comfortable with that decision and deal they struck with the city. We have other solutions to offer as a subsite choice.

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KCL is able to continue to keep the lights on because of generous donations from hosts. Please donate today to Keep Chicago Livable as we fight for the home sharing rights of Chicago citizens.